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Lynne Winters is a not-too-successful real estate attorney caught in the middle of the kidnapping of the century in the mid-sized American city of Slate. Apparently picked at random by the kidnapper to carry his demands to the family of his young victim, Lynne finds herself hindered more than helped by the efforts of the police and the victim’s selfish and immature family. Will Lynne be able to bring the boy safely home again?

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High Above the Waters

Marcus Hunter won't stay dead, he stalks his bridge all bloody red...

As a pregnant fifteen year old, Autumn Fields learned first hand that the town ghost was more than a creepy legend. All alone in the world, rejected by her boyfriend and beaten bloody by her father, Autumn climbed out onto Hunter's Bridge to kill herself, but an encounter with a mysterious man convinced her that dying wouldn't necessarily solve her problems.

Sixteen years later, she's coming back to Prospect with her teenaged daughter to make peace with her dying father and finally discover the truth about that night long ago. But with the haunted bridge about to be torn down, has Autumn waited too long to come back and find her ghost?

High Above the Waters can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine e-retailers.

Forever After

Middle class, average-Joe, Paul Steele dies minutes after a terrible argument with his wife—dies, but doesn’t quite depart for the world beyond. Instead he wakes in the body of billionaire energy-magnate, Griffon Knight, and no one—not even Paul's wife, Char—will believe he’s come back from the dead to be with her again. Trying to convince her only succeeds in making her think he’s crazy. But no one knows Char as well as Paul does and he’s not going to quit until he wins her back and convinces her to marry him again.

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Panic Button: Lighthouse Island

Ellen Specter thought she knew what she was getting into when she won her spot on the new Reality TV show, Panic Button and a chance to win a quarter million dollars. Take a few contestants, isolate them from the rest of the world, set them a few competitions and watch the sparks fly as people forge and break alliances in a desperate attempt not to be voted out. Too bad that's not the way things work on Panic Button -- a show designed to terrorize people into freely giving up their chance at the prize money and run by a mentally disturbed host who doesn't seem to care how badly he has to hurt people to convince them to leave.

Panic Button can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other fine e-retailers. 

The Pembroke Steel Series

It's the Roaring Twenties and Mitch Pembroke's greatest concern should be how to keep his steel tycoon father from forcing him to settle down and take the corner office at the company headquarters in Pittsburgh. The economy is soaring and the world has been made safe for democracy. Life ought to be one great party. So why does Mitch, and his friend and bodyguard, Kit Moran, keep stumbling into so much trouble? Pembroke Steel is an exciting series that blurs the line between historical fiction and dark fantasy. 

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