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Newsletter #2

Stacked High: Issue 2: The Official Newsletter of Gilbert M. Stack

Greetings and welcome back to Stacked High. To celebrate the summer, I’m excited to release a new never-before-published novel, Ransom. Set in early 1981, Lynne Winters is a not-too-successful real estate attorney caught in the middle of the kidnapping of the century. Apparently picked at random by the kidnapper to carry his demands to the family of his young victim, Lynne finds herself hindered more than helped by the efforts of the police and the victim’s selfish and immature family. Will Lynne be able to bring the boy safely home?

With a great cover by Nicole Browning, Ransom is exactly what you need to start your summer off with a bang. You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other e-sellers for $2.99.

Another great summer read is my Pembroke Steel series. Now that the Great War is done, ace pilot Mitch Pembroke just wants to spend a few peaceful years enjoying the Roaring Twenties before he settles down and takes the corner office in his father’s company, Pembroke Steel. Unfortunately, peace is the last thing Mitch can find. Trouble follows wherever he goes and not even his best friend, boxer-turned-bodyguard, Kit Moran, can keep him out of all of it.

You can read the first novella, Lazarus Key, for free at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble (except on Amazon which makes me charge 99 cents).

In between newsletters, please check out my webpage at, for up to the minute news on my publications. You can also see my book reviews at Goodreads.

Enjoy your summer!

Gilbert M. Stack